Clinical Documentation Improvement Seminar


Clinical Documentation Improvement

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) programs are important to any facility that recognizes the necessity of complete and accurate patient documentation. For your CDI needs please visit Core CDI offers over 25 years of expertise in improvement and coding within healthcare systems, independent hospitals, and clinics. In addition to facilities ranging from large academic medical centers, and fully integrated urban healthcare systems to community hospitals, critical access hospitals, and federal qualified healthcare centers.     

About Core CDI:


CEO and Founder of

CDI Manager, University Medical Center Las Vegas

Glenn Krauss is a well-organized and respected subject matter expert in revenue cycle with a specialized emphasis and focus upon collaborating and working closely with physicicians in promoting, advocating for, educating, and achieving sustainable improvement in clinical documentation that accurately reflects and reports the communication of fully informed coordinated patient care. His experiences include working with a wide variey of healthcare systems spanning the entire spectrum ranging from critical access hosptials, community hospitals, Federal Qualified Healthcare Centers to large academic medical centers and fully integrated healthcare systems. He possesses twenty-five plus years of progressive practical hands on experience in clinical coding and documentation improvement, subscribing to the philosophy that quality of medical record documentation strongly correlates with overall quality of care achieved and the overall achievement of a high performing revenue cycle. Glenn has demonstrated the unique skill sets and core knowledge of priciples and standards in best practices of clinical documentation, effectively and successfully driving physician engagement through proven strategies that create and fostser a sustainable model for clinical documentation improvement. What sets glenn apart in the clinical documentation improvement arena is the recognition of clinical documentation effectiveness, accuracy, completeness and contextual consistency as fundamentally integral and intertwined with all components of the revenue cycle. He is a professional speaker, sought after for speaking engagements throughout the country on a wide variety of cutting edge thought provocative clinical documentation improvement topics and subjects. Glenn has served on the ACDIS Advisory Board as well as founded the WI ACDIS Chapter, leading a very active chapter for six years. 

Please see the most recent Webinar with Glenn Krauss: Transforming CDI Into the 21st Century-Achieving Optimal Performance-A Case Study with Real Results:

Future CDI Seminar/Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Review current CDI standards of practice and recognize true, meaningful opportunities for beneficial program expansion.
  • Learn, conceptualize, and understand the principle elements of clinical documentation supportive of medical necessity to complement current CDI initiatives
  • Learn, understand and operationalize the role of clinical documentation improvement specialists in integrating elements of medical necessity documentation into their daily practice of medical record chart review and query process.
  • Apply concepts of best practice standards that serve to meet the underlying principles of medical necessity.

Who should attend:

  • Medical coders and Compliance Managers
  • CDI Managers and Directors
  • Other HIM professionals
  • Others who work in the healthcare setting and are interested in CDI

Dates of Seminar/Webinar: TBD