Our company offers medical record coding services on an interim or long-term basis to meet your coding needs. We can help to improve your organization’s cash flow through the elimination and/or prevention of coding backlogs. All of our coding professionals are credentialed and possess appropriate experience for their individual assignment(s). In addition, many of our coders also have clinical experience that provides a broad knowledge base.

Our medical record coders are available to assist you with the different types of coding needed including inpatient, outpatient, emergency department, interventional radiology, and E&M coding.

Our experienced coders can come on-site on a schedule that you designate. We will work with you to assure that our coders are oriented appropriately to your coding practices and procedures. We hold our medical coders to the highest standards of quality and productivity.

We also provide a remote coding service compliant will all accreditation and regulatory requirements. Remote coding allows us to provide coding services to you at a decreased cost and it helps reduce crowding in your work areas.

To inquire with us about Medical Record Coding please call the office at 951-278-3477 or email: info@aeaallc.com