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Officially established in 2007 but founded in 2000, Tri-County Allied Health School is a pioneer in educating healthcare professionals for a career as a Medical Coder. This Institution offers some of the most comprehensive medical coding programs in Southern California. Led by Mr. Arnold Ardevela, their programs not only give students an in-depth study of medical coding and reimbursement but also gives them the practical know-how to apply that knowledge in real-world situations.

On their state-of-the-art campus, Tri-County Allied Health School prepares students to obtain nationally recognized credentials as a Medical coders. They have dedicated technology, resources, a computer lab, and partnerships with several healthcare facilities to give students the educational foundation, training, and hands-on experience they need to advance in their medical coding careers.

Tri-County Allied Health School has medical coding programs available for those without any medical background, experience, or training. They also have programs available for those who want to take their training to the next level and obtain a different credential or focus on a subspecialty of medical coding.

Their Medical Coding Specialist Program consists of 800-course hours completed in about 15 months. It caters to those without any medical experience or training and prepares them to be hospital-based coders and obtain their Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) credential. The education for a Medical Coder never stops. Coding guidelines, policies, and procedures will change and it is their goal at Tri-County Allied Health School to make sure you are always one step ahead. To find out more visit

Our Mission at Tri-County Allied Health School is to provide quality education and superior technical training in a supportive learning environment that promotes motivation, higher education, and self-discipline; and to provide our students with the knowledge and skills needed to qualify for better healthcare career opportunities.