HCC Coding Services

AE can extract all HCC codes to support Medicare Advantage plans in completing an accurate risk assessment of their membership and submit complete and accurate data before CMS deadlines.

  • HCC Risk Adjustment Retrospective and Prospective Chart Reviews; correct coding to the highest specificity, based on the provider documentation, to maximize risk scores
  • Certified / clinical coders (CPC & CCS) for in-depth focused chart review
  • Physician on staff to educate providers on documentation
  • Validate documentation on all diagnosis codes in chart and codes hitting HCCs
  • Key documentation errors highlighted
  • Reporting of Missed /Suspect/Embedded codes
  • Physician Chart Audit summary reports for HCC coding improvement opportunities and education
Remote Coding

AE provides remote medical record auditing services compliant with all accreditation and regulatory requirements. Our remote auditing team conducts medical record reviews through VPN access or scanned records in a facility portal. AE ensures the secure handling of Patient Health Information (PHI) according to current HIPAA rules and regulations.

Utilizing this service will reduce compliance auditing expense, reduce space and equipment requirements, and enhance correct reimbursement.


CMS’s RAF average for Medicare is 1.0 and Medi/Medi is approximately 1.5. AE guarantees an improvement in overall RAF scores. If you’re RAF score is below the average, physician documentation and education are imperative. This is where AE can help improve your score.

  • A staff physician can educate providers on documentation
  • Chart Review & Chart Scanning
  • Excellent cost savings when utilizing our services
  • Free Review and abstract all relevant HCC codes for up to 200 charts at no cost to you so you can see our quality and accuracy through HCC Risk Adjustment Coding.